Surely Allah likes those who show kindness to others and smile.

Hadith-i Shareef, Jami-us Sageer

The second requirement of Islam is Salah. After having true faith in Allah (SWT) , the Most High, and the Messenger Muhammad (SAWS) , the most important pillar of Islam is Prayer (Salah). Salah is the sign of faith (al-Iman). There are forms of prayer in all the divine religions.

The obligatory acts (Fardhs) of Salah are in total twelve.

The Fardh outside of Salah are called the conditions and the Fardh inside of Salah are the acts (al-Rukns) during Salah.

Conditions of Salah

  1. Cleansing oneself and one’s clothes from impurity (al-Ha-dath).
  2. Cleansing oneself from uncleanliness (al-Najasah).
  3. Covering of the private parts of one’s body (Satr al-Awrah).
  4. Facing the direction of the Qiblah (Istiqbal al-Qiblah).
  5. Time (al-Waqt).
  6. Intention (al-Niyyah).

Acts of Salah

  1. Opening Takbir (al-Taqbir al-Iftitah).
  2. Standing (al-Qiyam).
  3. Recitation (al-Qira’ah).
  4. Bowing (al-Ruku).
  5. Prostration (al-Sajdah).
  6. Final sitting (al-Qaadah al-Akhirah).