There has certainly come to you a Messenger from among yourselves. Grievous to him is what you suffer; [he is] concerned over you and to the believers is kind and merciful.

Surah Tawba, Ayah 128

It is fardh for us to follow Rasulallah (SAWS) because Allah (SWT) has ordered us with many Ayahs to obey him (SAWS) . For this:

  • Muslims first need to follow As’habi Ikram. In a Hadith Rasulallah (SAWS) says:

    My As’hab, by saving people from the darkness of ignorance and guiding them to Noor (celestial light), are like stars. Whichever you follow, you will reach paradise.

  • Muslims should follow his traditions. In another Hadith Rasulallah (SAWS) says:

    Whoever performs one of my Sunnah, for certain they have recognised me. Whoever recognises me, for certain they have loved me. Whoever loves me, for certain they will be with me in Jannah.

  • Muslims should not be close with Ahi al-Bid’ah (rejecters of Sunnah).

  • Muslims should be together with Salih (righteous) people. Rasulallah (SAWS) says:

    To sit and talk with Salih (righteous) people is like sitting in a shop which sells misk and beautiful scents. If a person sits in a shop selling misk, they would either small of misk, or would get pleasure in smelling the misk. In other words, they would not be left empty handed. To sit and talk with a Fasiq (sinner) and an Ahi al-Bid’ah (rejecter) is like sitting in an iron maiden. Someone sitting in an iron maiden may be injured or have their clothes burned from the spark of fire, or they will stink of the bad smells. In other words, they would not leave unless harmed.

  • Muslims, while in times of Fasaad (mischief) should try to live the forgotten Sunnahs. Since in times of Fasaad, to hold onto his traditions is like holding onto fire. As it was said by Rasulallah (SAWS) :

    Anyone holding tightly onto my Sunnah, they are rewarded the level of a Shaheed (martyr) a hundred times.

  • Muslims who follow Sunnah should ask for the kindness of Allah (SWT) .